Sunday, January 24, 2016

I am currently working on a re-design with my good friend Anish Abraham! We will see the fruits of this at some time in the near future.

What has happened.

In July (2015) I accepted a position as a prn pharmacist at a hospital that I was previously a student at, here in the medical center- (God answers prayers)

Since that time-much of my time was spent really focusing at work and trying to get a full time position.

In November (2015)- I was hired on as a full time pharmacist with a combined position in outpatient and inpatient pharmacy (secret life goals :) )

In december (2015) I went to India for the wedding of my cousin Crystal- I went by myself for the first time-it was quite an interesting experience.

January-back to work, settling in and figuring things out.

Will fill you guys (those that are still here on further life updates)