Saturday, August 29, 2009

So after much thought I have decided that it is definitely time for a change. I need to change my overdependence on friends and family. Although I would like to deny it for the life of me, I am a high maintenance type of gal. I don't know how to upload pictures or download music or even set up aim on my computer. I have been sheltered by my loving friends and family who continue to indulge me in my incompetence. This is about to change. I have taken a proactive step and am going to start the MABLE PROJECT which is going to teach me to be an independent who is able to take care of herself. The title is named after my best friend, who I look up to. She has also babied me. Throughout the course of this project I will be learning how to work a camera and upload photos, use an ipod + itunes successfully, work on my blog layout and most importantly GROW. I will definitely keep all of you posted on my success/failures along the way. If you have any advice please comment.

Friday, August 28, 2009

What is it about packages that gets us going. It doesn't matter what it is, whenever I know there is something coming I am always waiting impatiently to receive it. Isn't everyone? Who doesn't enjoy receiving mail? I remember being the first to check the mail everyday, rummaging through and the sheer excitement I would receive (you know I have to keep telling myself i before e except after c) from opening a letter or package with my name on it. Something about it just makes us feel special like we are important. Someone out there, whether AT&T or your Dentist and maybe your mom cares to tell u something. I think that if you are ever bored you should send a letter or package to someone you care about. I guarantee you they will be surprised and elated =)
Sara: I am not a cynic I am realist!

Max: or a realist masquerading as a cynic who is secretly and optimist


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So I read this article from the New York Times that I found to be quite interesting. It basically talks about the evils of anonymous blogging and how it has become a nuisance to society. Being an anonymous blogger I didn't decide after reading the article to unveil my identity. In fact, not surprisingly, I disagree. I find that anonymous blogging gives a sense of empowerment that might not be allowed to a person disclosing who they are and what their agenda is. For example as a writer I can be whoever I want and talk about whatever I want. If I give a name and a face to the blog, I become no longer one among you but rather an individual seeking some sort exposure. Maybe my blog would become less important because I am a simpleton with no journalistic background. There are several reasons why to keep a blog anonymous and none of them have anything to do with cowardice. Lets be honest the woman in question is a public icon, I am not saying its right for the blogger to have said lies and rumors about this woman, but she has chosen a lifestyle that makes her a target for these kind of attacks. And if the blogger had revealed her identity she might never have had an outlet to express her true feelings (which is important-better then having psychos with bottled up feelings). I feel that though there are outliers such as the one mentioned in the article there are many good things that have come from anonymity. The writer of this particular article states himself that a simple look at history reveals that many leaders used pseudo-names in order to veil their identities. This allowed them to express their thoughts without fear of retribution or retaliation. This country was founded on the basic liberties that allows every citizen the freedom of speech. If a person wants to veil their identity and post a blog it is within their first amendment right. To my fellow anonymous bloggers: Keep Blogging, maybe we will only see the fruit of your blogs in time but believe that they exist!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I found this on another blog and thought it to be very true: Via icanread by weekendproject

Saturday, August 22, 2009

There is something about the fall and a new box of crayons. I feel that every school year I purchase yet another bigger and better box of Crayola crayons. This year it was the 120 Count. I didn't even know that they had a box that big. It came with its very own built in sharpener. Now many of you may be wondering what grade I'm in, BUT I truly believe there is no age limit to love of crayons. Maybe it was because I was deprived as a child, my parents only allowed me to have the 24 count box. I feel this somehow stifled my creativity. They had no idea the importance of color to a child's world. I look around and see very quickly and clearly those individuals who were unfortunate enough to use ROSEART. They sometimes call something that is clearly red-orange, Red. I shake my head in pity. I bet their parents had no idea of the long lasting effects of being a few cents cheaper! So in light of my depravity I purchase all that I couldn't have. You may also be wondering what use could a 21 year old grad student have with a box of crayons. In fact one of my professors swears by MIND MAPPING and the more colors the better the map =) I feel just looking at the box makes me want to be more creative. Maybe even come up with a new way to color code for prescription drugs like Deborah Adler. I bet she was an avid 96 count Crayola user as a child. The bottom line is crayons and color are an important part of your well being, the next time you see a box purchase it and take the time to color it might brighten up your day.Hi My name is ______ and I am a Crayola Crayon User.
You would think that once you passed the playgrounds of high school that CLIQUISM would cease and people would move on. Unfortunately the reality is quite different. Groupism is a wide spread movement in America. People constantly find the need to fit in and be a part of something bigger then themselves no matter where they are in life. I am a first week grad student, and already I am able to distinguish the different cliques inside of my class of 85 students.

The Preps- They may not be the cheerleaders or the football athletes (seeing as they are in grad school for pharmacy) but they still somehow feel they are better then the college. They sit in their cliquish circle and make fun of everyone else who doesn't quite fit the par. They talk in freakishly high pitched "OMG" "REALLY" "LIKE TOTALY" and laugh at inconsequential stupidities that only they would find humorous.

Prep group 2- This is group has potentially the same characteristics as the first group except they dont even try to fake their stuck up-ness they are better and thats that. The first and second group do not get along. The second group has less people.

The gang- The group of kids who tend to get along with most, it has the wise cracker, and commentator and steady group of friends that tend to hang out together at all times. They dont tend to have any mean assets.

The Over Achiever- The purchaser of every text book that the school recommends and study notes as well. Ready with all the answer because they spent the evening before reading rather then sleeping.

The Drama Club cool- The Mac user who could care less what the world thinks. Bringing out a sense of the UBER hip. You know the DRAMA club in high school. Wearing all black and sipping coffee before the rest of the world.

The self Righteous- The group that is willing to "rat out their mother" to get ahead. OH PLEASE you just answered that questioned simply because its what the PROF. wanted to hear. SIT DOWN.

The Geek- Yes every where there is always a geek, I am partal to these because I feel sometimes I may potentially fit into this category. The group that does things that makes everyone else shake their head in dismay. They become the popular discussion topics among thier peers. Not to worry because there is always more then one so They form a clique all their own.

The non-cliquers- The unique few who dont fit into any groups and just find their way along. I think this is where I am. I dont necessarily fit into any of these categories and I dont feel the need to suddenly be groupish. I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIVIDUAL =) and form a group of other individuals!