Wednesday, February 29, 2012

There is just something about  the lyrics of this song that makes me smile....=)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Style: Adorkable- A quirky mix of color and shapes
Show: The New Girl
Character: Jess a fun loving teacher who moves in with 3 guys as room-mates after a bad breakup.

How you can achieve Zooey's Hipsteresque Style:
1) Bright Colored flats can add pop to just about any outfit-currently on the lookout for bright green ones
2) Nautical is the way to go! Stripes are in, and most likely are a staple that will never go out. (old navy)
3) Fun patterned shirts can be paired to make any boring outfit look savvy- old navy (currently out of xs)
4) Navy is the new black ( navy skirt)
5) Red is a color for all seasons ( in Allure Magazine- Ironically the one with Deschanel)
6) You can never rock too many polkadots- on sale at old navy
7) Bright colors are a constant in Jess from the New Girl's wardrobe.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sometimes I sit back and wonder if everything in my life is just foolishness. If everyone else in my life (including my friends and family) secretly laugh at the ridiculousness.

I have taken a great deal of pride in how different I am. It doesn’t bother me that I am not a typical malayalee girl and that often times the things that bring me joy can be construed as nonsense or whimsical or flighty. However, there are days that make me question my very existence. Yesterday and today were some of those days. I had to take a step away from everything to evaluate and really think deep.

I am a shopaholic. I am sure after reading this blog, you were able to pick up on this tiny little detail. For me shopping is therapeutic. It is one of the few areas of my life that I don’t try to control to a T. I let loose and get a sense of joy from finding the perfect skirt, or a great pair of shoes, or a new purse. Sometimes after a stressful week of pushing myself to the limits, a small (or rather large purchase) makes it a little bit easier to keep pushing. I realize that these are probably the exact words other addicts (including alcoholics and drug abusers) use to justify there cravings.

Last semester, my first semester back after 6 months off, was particularly hard and I used shopping as a crutch more then I have ever before. I was always hard on myself and of course I had friends who would rag on me for it, but I let it go; because I knew that the semester was hard for me and I took it with stride. When the spring semester started it was/is one of my goals to improve my “self destructive” shopping patterns.

I am going to be fair to myself and any other person who is trying to slowly improve a bad habit, you are not going to be able to drop from 60 to 0 in one go. The same thing we are taught to tell patients- I can’t ask a couch potato to start exercising 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week. That would be setting them up for failure. Instead you start small. “It would be nice if you could start to park a little farther when you go to the grocery store, or walk one or two blocks around the neighborhood.” Small but steady changes. I have been keeping track of my spending over the past few months and really trying not to give-in to impulse purchases. Have I shopped? OF COURSE! Have I been about it than I before? …yes. Could I stand to improve? …YES.

One of the things that I happened to crazy purchase last semester was the calligraphy skirt from anthropology…which was 120$. A couple of my close friends knew the price of the skirt and had been haggling me for the entire semester. Now I know, the skirt was expensive, it was an impulse buy and it was during that period where I just needed it (not justifying). So I have tried to justify my purchases by admitting that I use them. I am not one of those people who buys things and stores them in her closet never to be seen or heard of again. I wear them often and differently. This purchase has reached a cost per wear of about 20$ as of yesterday.

I am not saying it was okay for me to purchase the skirt. BUT I ALREADY DID. I admitted I shouldn’t have. WHAT MORE CAN I DO? And why bring it up during the semester that I am attempting to do better? It was this plus certain comments which made me realize that maybe everyone secretly thinks that I am going to be a penniless pauper with no realistic sense of money….which led to a melt down….which is embarrassing because it happened in front of others…

It isn’t just the spending, I am loud (and obnoxiously so), I blog and Vlog (who does that; sorry @imarily), I play sports (even when I am not great), I do hard things and am okay with falling flat on my face, I have no earthly idea how to cook (believe me….), I am that girl that everyone relies on to do the obnoxious thing because all the graceful quiet ones won’t do it.  I am passionate, love too deeply, over involved, and a one woman circus act. And all this time I was okay with it. In fact I took pride in it.

Today I wonder - if all of this is just absolute foolishness. If being this girl is holding me back. If people even take me seriously? Or if those who I only thought were laughing with me…were actually laughing at me.

Don’t worry readers, I’ll be back on my own two feet tomorrow ready to be foolish again, I just need to think today =)

Thanks for the ears


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Some Holiday’s are Just meant for their childish joys- nothing more. Included in this category are (Halloween, and Valentines Day…)

Valentines Day:

I have to admit that I absolutely agree with @imarily (please excuse me I was just yelled at for not linking) in her post about the ridiculousness of this holiday which was solely invented by hallmark and other card makers in a mass scheme to swindle your hard earned money.

Sorry to break it to you folks, today is no different then any other day. Don’t be fooled by the influx of red, white and pink in the stores or the heart shaped candy boxes.

Many of you reading this may discount these thoughts as the bitter rants of a single woman. Be not mistaken I am a huge fan of small sentiments. It is absolutely the little details that make life all the more wonderful. What I don’t understand is why celebrate on the same day as millions of other people? Why go through these cheesy charades….woudn’t roses be sweeter when received with no expectation? Or cards randomly on crappy days? I feel like valentines day is a pitfall for guys or girls to not do the necessary care throughout the relationship and amass it into one day. Hey, if you play your cards right I am sure you can even get a discount.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved valentines day as a child, I liked the whole paper lunch bags (which I decorated very nicely) and the mass amount of candy which EVERYONE GOT. In fact today during class (grad school) when some students passed out the cardboard vday cards it brought back fond memories, but then as I overheard some talking about their “lonely valentines day” I was brought back to the reality of what is left of a once decent holiday.

To all my single ladies, contrary to your beliefs valentine’s day is not singles awareness day. It is not meant to be a day where you are reminded of the fact that you have no one to share your time with (what were you doing all the time leading up to valentines day? And why are you not concerned about it then?).

All in all valentines day is just another day, but the day after valentines day ...CHOCOLATE IS HALF OFF!!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

I have some very strong beliefs and opinions. They are not necessarily open minded or politically correct. In fact I think being a Christian makes me somewhat less open minded then my formal education teaches me to be. Meaning I don’t like to judge people but if the BIBLE says it’s wrong, then it’s wrong. END of story!

Lately it seems that every time I open the yahoo homepage there is a new story of a couple divorcing (yes, it is Hollywood) but still! Seal and Heidi I am speaking to you!  And what about Jada and will?  Please don’t even get me started on AL and Tipper.  I just don’t understand this…”I just wasn’t happy anymore” mentality. What is the point of marriage if divorce is an option.

How can people just treat it so whimsically?  Love is not something to tread into accidentally and fall out of simply. Marriage is not something of convenience nor is divorce to be “celebrated” in the words of Brad Pitt. Marriage is something sacred. It is a vow to love someone till the end of life. If it no longer means that….then why get married?

Keep in mind, that I am not married and have never been in a relationship. So I know, I am being extremely high and mighty with my lofty statements. I can’t help but wonder since I am so firmly against divorce if my marriage will be one that teaches me why people consider divorce. Have you ever felt that way when standing against something? That one day you will be given a test to make you hold true to your words?

Thoughts/Comments/questions/concerns: I would love to hear them! Leave a comment!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Okay saw this on pinterest  (which if you have not checked out should!) =)