Thursday, July 14, 2011

Over the past few weeks I have been quite the conference junkie (attending two conferences back to back…oh THE HUMANITY). This is an anomaly simply because I normally gravitate towards being a hermit crab- who lacks socialization. I decided to step out and venture. First PCNAK (which I already ate a few of my words about) and then came NACOG- simply because of my love/hate relationship with EDCOG =)

I walk in for Friday evening’s meeting knowing that I would not be staying the whole time- my great uncle was in the hospital and we were going to visit him. So I decide to take only the essentials into the meeting with me- BIBLE and Scarf. I left the big CLUNKY purse that weighed half of me, behind. I find the youth section of the meeting which is separated from the adult section, my parents then leave me to attend the adult section and I am waiting in line to get in the youth room. As  I reach the door, here stands a bouncer? (little kid given too much authority- went to his head) and asks me for my badge. I look around confused…badge? What badge? This isn’t PCNAK that was last week??? He then promptly points to registration….I humbly walk over and give my name and explain that I have no cash on me- registration guy as…”what about checks”….I feel like there is no need to answer that…who uses checks these days anyways!

Unfortunately my parents somehow managed to get into the adult service without paying, and I am trying to call them to come out and pay for ME, so I CAN HEAR THE MESSAGE! But they don’t pick up. I am now awkwardly wandering the lobby (AWKARD). I also had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting an old acquaintance, whom I couldn’t explain my current predicament….and so I was in a pickle.

I called my parents like 10 times, then thought the best option might be to hide in the bathroom….I mean its not like we were going to be there for more then an hour…but after seeing people entering, I mean there is only so many times you can say hi to someone in the awkward settings of the bathroom. So I decide to venture out one more time. This time I walk towards the lobby, running out of places to hide.

Thank God, I run into a friend from EDCOG, who agrees to lend me his badge if I would just go get it, I then call an old friend and long time blog reader and subsequently steal his badge (he wasn’t planning on attending the meeting anyway- and he is apparently the face of the conference so no one would ask him for a badge).

So I return the youth meeting, but THIS TIME the guy at the front decides to leave his post, WHAT AN EPIC FAIL. I go in, sit for ten minutes, before its time for me to go to the hospital.

Despite the utter fail of the adventure, I must say that I was eternally grateful to my friend for saving me, in my moment of distress.

Lesson Learned:  These days nothing is free, even the gospel.

Good Thinking Music: From Where You are-Lifehouse

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dear Gentleman (or ladies if this applies to you):

I realize that you may be older, and you may think that you are above the mundane, routine, childish, antics of Facebook, and have thus decided to for-go this medium of social networking.  You should really  get one, you have no idea what you are missing out on.

Most girls, if they see you and are interested in you are not going to walk by with a seductive smile and pass you their phone number on a coffee napkin (we don’t live in movies). In fact, I don’t encourage girls to do that at all. The first move is not our job. But on the off chance we are interested in your charming personality and looks, and we have no way of formally introducing (or even if we did). The most subtlest hint of our intentions can be shown through the simple act of either adding or accepting your friend request. It’s a simple non-committal way of finding out a little bit more about you and what you’re all about.  But If you have decided that facebook isn’t for you….

Just imagine all the potential, in fact you might already be married.

Just Saying
Regina Roy
So I realize that it’s been a quite a long time since I have posted a blog, I blame the business of the summer and my general un-empty house over the past few days and weeks.  Results in less time alone and less time to think. But since I am about to go on a blog rampage, I figure I should start at the beginning….PCNAK 2011..Beware I will be forced to eat some of my words- spoken in a previous post.

I realize that generally I am a PCNAK hater …the kind that used to want to hold up picket signs that read, DOWN WITH PCNAK!- I, no longer have the right to make such absurd statements seeing as I have attended the last two PCNAKS consecutively and this year attended all meetings hosted. I EVEN helped put those random notices that you shove into the back of song books because they didn’t get printed on time…If you are reading this an you threw out those last two sheets in your glossy song book without a second thought, You are no longer a FRIEND.- My fingers are still dry from the thousands of song books and paper handling.

That being said, I must confess that PCNAK, although  I still hold my initial hesitations about the crazy party centric settings where people went to remind themselves that there is a social hierarchy and to raise their standings (or lower) in the big scheme of things, is not a bad institution. This year I was able to see a different side of things. Despite what some want to make PCNAK to be, there are still a generation of people that want to remember God BUT also want the opportunity to make connections with others whether it be new friends, bible study partners, business partners, spouses, etc (you get the picture). I once said why not make it just a social gathering…but what type of Christians are we, if we don’t bring God wherever we go?

Even I have to admit that there is some appeal to meeting a new group of people (not sure how much of that I truly did), or hanging out in a different setting (okay I went to bed pretty early every night…BUT IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS). Maybe I feel this way because it’s a break from general routine, I didn’t feel as responsible for the actions of everything and everyone, I could sit in the back and listen to the word, without wondering what’s next. I was able to sing during worship from the seats without having to lose my voice from trying to hit impossibly high notes (I did lose my voice- but we are not going to talk about how). Maybe it was the togetherness, being in the same hotel as a million other malayalees  (this also has many disadvantages). Overall there is a sense of adrenaline pumping that can only come from a large scale conference. So I take back some of the awful, disheartening things I had said previously in said blog…