Thursday, May 19, 2011

As promised, a style post on Kate Middleton. Ever since it was announced that Kate Middleton and Prince William were engaged, the fashion frenzy began, and the world wanted to imitate this style icon with her effortlessly classic taste. Kate's fashion can be described in three words: Classic, Iconic, and Polished. She carries herself with much poise.

How can you achieve Kate's Style?

With a few staple items in your wardrobe you too, can achieve a look that is as effortlessly polished and classy as Princess Catherine.

Here are a few videos that help a commoner get the look =)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When the new remake of Hawaii Five-O first aired I was skeptical. Extremely Skeptical. I was a huge fan of the original with Jack Lord as Commander Steve McGarrett. Yes it's a 1960-1980s television series but me and both my younger brothers grew up on it. We loved the show, and steve and his many quirks as head of the special task force of Hawaii.

I am a fan of Alex O'Laughlin, from his "failing" television show Moonlight, which got cancelled (you knew I would have watched it). But even though O'Laughlin is not bad on the eyes, I was still afraid of anything contaminating a classic.

It took me a few episodes to get into the show and get along with Scott Caan's character Danny. But soon, I was a regular, and last nights season finale cinched the deal.

What started out as "cancellation on arrival" is now "if you don't continue this for another season you are stupid!" Scott Caan, despite my initial hesitance, is an excellent actor.

If you have not already given this show a chance, go ahead and jump in. Even if you have never heard of the original, the new one is able to stand on it's own.

Happy Watching

Regina Roy
Wordless Thoughts

Monday, May 16, 2011

Standing In the Gap with Zeal and Faith

Sunday Morning Thoughts from the Pewside:

I realize its been a long time since I have done one of these, mostly because I am usually so busy during Sunday mornings doing things like children’s church along with other things that I don’t get time to focus in on one particular thing that I took away from the day. I take away sooo many little things.

This past Sunday, however, I heard a message and was inspired and would like to share my thoughts from the pewside =)

We had a guest pastor come and speak, and he stated his topic was going to be “standing in the gap” with zealousness and faith. He asked us to turn with him to Psalm 106:28-31

28They (A)joined themselves also to Baal-peor,
 and ate (B)sacrifices offered to the dead. 
29Thus they (C)provoked Him to anger with their deeds,
 and the plague broke out among them. 
30Then Phinehas (D)stood up and interposed,
 and so the (E)plague was stayed. 
 31And it was (F)reckoned to him for righteousness,
 to all generations forever.

The pastor spoke specifically about Phinehas, who is mentioned in verse 30. Until this time I had never heard of Phinehas. So I listened intently as he explained the story behind the verse. He asked us to turn to Numbers chapter 25. Here we see the story of the Israelites approaching the last stop before entering the promise land. Pastors might say that this is the last opportunity for the enemy to trap the Israelites and ensure that they never reach their destination.
******This is paraphrased, Read the actually story in Numbers Chapter 25*********
From verse 1 onwards we can see that the Israelites are enticed by the Moabite women who live nearby and have fallen astray starting to worship Baal. The lord was angry with Israelites and speaks to Moses asking him to take action in verse 4.
While the people of Israel are weeping, one of the men from the Israelite tribe decided it would be a great idea to parade his sin around. He takes a Moabite women and walks with her in FRONT of the crowd, and takes her to his tent. Phinehas, seeing this takes a spear and goes inside and kills both the man and the woman. God sees his righteousness and stops the plague against Israel.
God then speaks of the Phinehas’s Zeal and willingness to do the will of God. He calls him into the covenant of the priesthood.
Going back to the passage in Psalms we can see that Phinehas is remembered for being the one to end the plague even generations after the incident. No one could forget how he stood in the gap.

Take home message:
Phinehas had it in him to stand up for something that was right. He saw sin, he stopped it immediately, he didn’t leave room for questions or concerns. This may be a tad gruesome and over the top for some readers but lets put it to light using present day settings. How many of us watch our fellow brothers/sisters/friends fall into sin causing an erosion of their family life, a church crumbling, a people coming undone and do nothing about it. This plague was a punishment from God and 24,000 people died! BUT one man was willing to stand up and do what was right and because of him the rest of the people were saved.
Dear readers we live in a generation that has turned away from God in so many ways. Sin can be found even in our local churches (the very house of God), how long do you think God is just going to stand by and watch? And lets say he has unleashed a plague? Are you going to stand in the gap with zeal like Phinehas? Are you going to be one that ends it. Let’s take serious consideration on our stance and what we are called to do.

Happy Thinking
Regina Roy
Wordless Thoughts

Friday, May 13, 2011

Hello There...It's time for a Vlog =) Hope you Enjoy

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NOTE: I wrote this entry once before but unfortunately it got deleted along with the comments because of Bloggers Issues! Sorry about the inconvenience

Years ago I was taken by a book sitting on one of the round tables at a local Barnes and Nobles. It was the cover that struck me, pink and shiny, it of course had appeal for me. I was drawn to it and a friend of mine purchased it for me as a gift (moreso to get me out of my princess diaries phase, seeing as how I was a high school senior about to embark on my adventures as an adult.)

The book was titled "Something Borrowed" by Emily Giffen, it and it's sequel, "Something Blue", have since then become two of my favorite books.

These books are what you would classify as "chicklits"- meaning the novel equivalent of a chick flick. But there is something more. The author does an amazing job of character building within the two books, which mirror the opposite stories of two best friends and a single incident.

The first book, "something Borrowed" tells the story of the mousey, girl next door best friend, "Rachel", who always steps out of the way and plays second fiddle to her OBNOXIOUS, has everything handed to her, gorgeous, best friend. You immediately empathize with the main character and antagonize the best friend. Even though the actions of the main character are questionable at best, you find yourself forgiving her and favoring her over the other.

The second book comes back around and the first chapter or so tells the exact same story as its prequel, except, this time, it's through the eyes of the best friend we antagonized in "Something Borrowed". We take a journey with "Darcy", Rachel's ex Best friend, and watch her grow as a person and we learn to love even more then we could have ever loved Rachel. Through life's unyielding circumstances, Darcy becomes our unlikely heroine.

I recommend both of thee books to both guys/girls alike. Both books are great and reveal depths about the author's writing ability.

I also watched the movie, it wasn't as bad as I was predicting, I love the books better but the movie is worth a watch ( a good rom-com/chic-flick).

PS. About the whole "Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something Old, and Something New" Tradition, I know its not one Malayalees typically follow, but how about it? I am going to do it =)

Happy Thoughts
Regina Roy
Wordless Thoughts

Friday, May 6, 2011

Having a hand sanitizer on you is useful for many reasons (please don't overuse and kill the good bacteria...thats another issue altogether)....anyways it's good to keep your hands clean, when you're in those ICKY situations that leave you with no soap and no napkins, or right before eating after touching many unclean surfaces. So the other day, after one too many of said instances, I went out to purchase a mini handsanitizer from Bath&Body Works. The ones they currently have in stock are in correlation with your horoscope signs...and I just had to post a picture of this...BECAUSE HOW ACCURATE...CMON....


Regina Roy
Wordless Thoughts

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yesterday, internet service providing companies such as AT&T announced that they would no longer be offering unlimited internet service. Meaning there will be a cap on the amount of  bandwidth you use per month. Of course 150GB is more than enough for the average every day internet user, and they will never even reach anywhere near it. Therefore never in danger of accumulating additional fees and overage charges.

Why should you care? You're the average joe who gets on the internet to check his/her email, facebook stalk, update twitter with nonsensical things (such as: @starbucks: trying their new mocha coconut frappuccino! its muy bueno!), and, write the occasional blog. For all intents and purposes the 150GB is more than enough for you. The real question is why did the the major internet service providing companies team up to decide this? And what kinda of implications does this have for the future? For example, what if, as soon as you get comfortable with this 150GB a month, three years down the road they say, since you guys never even reach 150GB we have decided to lower the monthly bandwidth amount to lets say...100GB. You're still the average joe so you are not in danger of overage fees just yet ;) But if the cycle continues than there is a distinct possibility that you might end up shorthanded.

Now, I am not one for conspiracy theories....(okay so maybe I believe that Obama has been keeping the Osama card in his sleeve for a while and has suddenly used it to curry political favor...and I may believe that the government had a secret hand in the assassination of John F. Kennedy....and that Big Brother really really exist ...JK) but the truth is there is something unusually fishy about this latest turn up.

Maybe it's just that I don't like the concept of unlimited internet not existing......hmm.


-Regina Roy
Wordless Thoughts

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Royal Fairy Tale Turned Wedding.....

The word fairy tale promotes many different images in a person’s head, for example glass slippers, magic carpets, untold treasure, and of course a dashing prince charming that saves the day for a princess he loves, even though he has only a few stolen glances from her.

Yet, I think it’s something entirely different that draws me and many others into magical world of fairytales. It’s the concept of average polyanna or cinderalla beating her low level circumstances to become a lavish princess. The everyday girl has captured the heart of a prince who is so much above her, and he is willing to defy standards and procedures in order to marry her

Over the past week, and I realize this entry is a long time coming and a little late, the news reels have been all over the real life fairy tale of Kate Middelton and Prince William. It has been years since the world has been so acutely attentive to the royal family. In fact, for a short period after Princess Diana’s untimely death it was thought that the royals had altogether disappeared into obscurity (World Perspective- I guess in England it would be difficult for them to disappear). Enter Kate Middelton, the commoner who stole not only Prince William’s heart but the hearts of people all over the world.

Royalty no longer seems unreachable.

I, too, have succumbed to royal fever . Over the past few weeks I have completed the book William & Kate, A royal love story, watched snippets of the wedding online through yahoo news (which I shamelessly support). I dream once again of fairytales and enchanted weddings, prince charmings, glass slippers, and fancy shmancy dresses. Waiting for the day when I reach happily ever after (ah-sigh)