Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fearmonger: Scaremonger : one inclined to raise or excite alarms especially needlessly.

The latest target of the news is the H1N1 influenza also known as swine flu. The media had a field day, trying to convince the world one by one that they were going to die. Schools panicked and shutdown, people shied away from travel and personal contact and started using excessive amounts of anti-bacterial. This is a sidenote to all: antibacterial doesn't work on viruses cause they are not bacteria and antibiotics cant cure the flu. News headlines jumped on the story about the first american to die from swine flu. Is this much priority given to regular influenza? People, the swine flu is just like every other flu, there are probably more casualties from the average yearly flu then there are from "swine flu" or "bird flu". The point is the media loves to kick up a frenzy about the latest killer and make the public freak out for no reason. If you practice good hygiene regularly you should be fine. Stop paying so much attention to what the media tells and start paying attention to the facts.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I am moving out of my apartment. So in the process of cleaning I came across my journal and started to read a few entries. This is one that I thought was kinda appropriate for today.

"Saying Goodbye" dated 2-21-08.

"You know, they say the two hardest things in life are saying hello for the first time and saying goodbye for the last. I don't think I have quite mastered either. I have never properly said goodbye to a person for the last time. I always hang on to hope. Hope that "maybe in five or ten, yours and mine will meet again and straighten this whole thing out." Hope that everything will eventually be alright. All the goodbyes I have said up until this point have been a facade, I have never actually said goodbye in my heart. I have held on. this is both physically and mentally debilitating. But today and maybe for a little while I think I am having a breakthrough. Who knows maybe one of these days there will be an entry titled "saying hello."