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My bookshelf contains the following:
* Several Best American Sports Writing anthems including one with the story, 'Resurrecting the Champ,' that got me into journalism.
* Completed journals full of agonizing, unrequited crushes and regretful but romantic past love.
* An old watchbox tin full of poetry and other short thoughts I wrote as a teen and college student.
* Books about murderers such as 'In Cold Blood," and books about heroes such as 'King of the World.'
* A signed copy of Bob Woodward's 'The War Within.'
* 'The Road,' which I bought and read in three days in D.C.
* 'The Namesake,' which made my cry in recognition.
* Dr. Atkins' "NEW Diet Revolution," which got real old real quick.
* My old fraternity handbook.
* A copy of the U.S. Constitution that the then Boulder police chief handed to reporters at a press conference just after the Jon Benet Ramsey murder because he felt everyone deserved due process.
* 'Crazy Love,' 'Chasing Daylight' and 'Searching for God Knows What,' which were discussed in various church small groups.
* 'The Case for Faith,' which was convincing.
* The Bible with a cloth cover my junior high Sunday school teacher sewed.
* Two leather bound Bibles I stole from my dad before he left for good to India.
* 'A Survey of Kerala History' and a 'Kitchens of Kerala' cookbook that I never cracked open.
* Casino chip from the Casino Royale in Las Vegas from freshman year and another from last year's trip aboard the Monarch of the Seas cruise ship.
* 'The Tender Bar,' by the journalist I idolized for years.
* Various entertaining and informative reads such as 'The Kite Runner,' 'Seabiscuit,' 'Unbroken,' 'Maximum City' and 'The God of Small Things.'
* Too much dust. 

This Post was by Justin George, cousin to my cousin. He is a staff writer for the St. Petersburg Times. You can get to know his pieces here

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This Blog is to the ladies:

Dear Female Compadres:

A few months back when traveling  home via plane I had to make a stop in the Houston Hobby Airport and waited approximately 20 minutes. I decided to grab a quick bite to eat and wait near my gate. Of course while sitting in an airport filled with other flyers and customers and people trying to get places you are bound to people watch and overhear bits of conversations. I happen to be privy to one such conversation which happened to be by a women who was sitting directly behind me to a best friend on her phone. It went something like this "I mean I just don't get it, like I came down here to tell him if he had any doubts about this wedding with her (she who will not be named), he should not go through with the wedding, I just find it so hard to believe that I would have such strong feelings about something and for him to feel nothing at all, Why does he keep saying (she) has my heart rather then saying i love (she)."  I couldn't help but feel a sense of pity. She was obviously trying to get this man back and he obviously had picked someone else. I wanted to tell her it wasn't worth it, to move on, to find someone that was worth her time, SINCE her friends were only allowing her to continue on these ill advised pursuits. I, of course, thought better of it, but the scenario really stuck with me.

I never really understood the concept of shows like the bachelor. How can these women stand here and allow themselves to fall in love with a guy who is obviously deciding between a myriad of girls who all say they love him and watch as he gets close to other women...(umm hello do you enjoy self inflicted agony?)

Ladies, I am going to have to agree with fellow blogger Marily Jacob in her post
and Mark Driscoll as he speaks the truth. If a man does not choose you at first then you are going to spend the rest of your life convincing him to choose you and pick you and love you. You are absolutely worth loving and if he can't figure that out then you need to say goodbye. We are not meredith grey's (no matter how much we love her twisted soul, or how good looking MCDREAMY is).

That is ALL


Friday, February 11, 2011

My name is Regina Roy.
I am a 22 year old student who is also someone that likes to blog. It all started years ago when I first got a XANGA account. Although I was not always steadfast in my documentation I was in love with sharing my thoughts. I decided 2 and 1/2  years ago to grow up and step into the world of blogging and made myself a blog titled Wordless Thoughts. Some may wonder what the title means-well it's in direct  opposition to the concept of thoughtless words. Words mean something and when people don't put thought into what is said they de-value the meaning.

This blog started as an outlet to express my feelings especially when I was going through a rough time, it was almost a personal diary documenting my concerns. When I began I wanted to remain anonymous and wrote under the guise pseudoname131. I did this for several reasons. Mostly because I didn't want a stereotype associated with my blog and I wanted all those who read to be able to relate to it. Over time my blog grew from a personal diary documenting feelings to a story and picture-book which depicted a view, my view. I have recently after 2.5 years decided that I am ready to let you in on who pseuodname 131 really is. The person behind the blog.

I consider myself an oxymoron of sorts, I love opposites. I am a child of God, daughter, big sister and best friend to many people. My roles change depending on who you are.

When I was 12 years old I gave my life to Jesus Christ. I am not a perfect christian, only someone looking to grow in her faith and in her relationship with her heavenly father.

This blog will discuss my personal thoughts on Life, Love, Christianity (my walk with christ), Family, Music and daily happenings (just whats been going on). 

Thank you for all who read this regularly, y'all have been an encouragement.  Stay Tuned as we continue on this blogging adventure.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today I cried. This is not unusual as of late, and to be honest I don't necessarily like to admit that I cry. I usually act like I don't ever cry, that tears don't exist in my book. I cried because I was scared and angry. I was tired of not being in control. To describe it perfectly I felt as though I was in the process of forgetting a wound which was deep by covering it with a band-aid, only noticing it when something grazed against or when someone provoked it. Today I felt as though someone deliberately ripped the bandage off and started picking at the wound to see if it would bleed. One would think that this would be enough. I fear that if I try and bandage it up again its only going to be ripped off once again before healing. I feel so bare and exposed. Maybe its a good thing, some of these walls needed to come down eventually. All I know for now is that it hurts and I am waiting for it to pass.

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A friend of mine had sent met this link a few weeks back and since I haven't had any recent "whats in your library" post. I thought it would be apt to share this. I am not quite sure why the room is slanting or the walls are crooked, it bothers me, but to each his own. I am in a bit of a funk right now, not sure how to put it into words but keep me in your prayers.


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I inherited my love of books from my mother, who comes from a long line of teachers, professors, educators, etc. While my father is also a voracious reader (if he has any free time on his hands you will find him reading something) he preferred reading newspapers, magazines, and periodicals; not books so much. Every vacation trip we ever took as a family, we spent at least one week in all shopping around for books. So, the love of books runs pretty deep in my family.

I don't know exactly when I started putting together a collection of books as my own, but by the end of high-school, I had quite a considerable number of books in my personal library: various encyclopedias (I loved general knowledge), text-books (not ones I was required to have; others I had found that explain my pet subjects better; yes, guilty of being a nerd =)), novels (mostly along the lines of Jeffrey Archer, John Grisham, and Robin Cook). However, the most prized books in my collection were three large books of fairy-tales. Three hardbound volumes that were a couple of inches thick, replete with illustrations, containing all the best tales, handed down to me by my mother, who got it from her uncle, who got it from.... I don't know, but it's been in my family a long time, hence the special attachment.

I moved after high-school; and couldn't take any of my books with me. The first year or so in my new home, I found myself missing my personal library a lot. I still do miss some of those books from time to time; the fairy tale books for example when yours truly made a reference to Rumpelstiltskin recently, and I couldn't remember all the details of the story. My new home and new family had many books around the house; I tried to gather a few of them into my room and claim them as my own, but... they didn't feel the same... They weren't MY books...

I waited patiently, saving up money here and there, and slowly started building up a new collection of books. I don't have quite as many books as I had before growing up; far less actually, but when writing this post I was surprised to see the kinds of books I now had in my collection. Growing up, I was curious about the world, about gaining knowledge, and fantasy and my library reflected that. Now, the thing I struggle most with is my christian pilgrimage, my faith, my relationships, and larger questions of life in general, and my new library, I was a little surprised to realize, reflected that too.

So, if you've never done this before, take a step back and look at the kinds of books you have in your collection. What does your personal library say about your life story and/or life focus?

Till we meet again on this journey,

This Post was Written By: Anish Abraham a PHD student at UT Southwestern, in his free time he does just about everything including but not limited to: playing every instrument, designing websites (ie wordless thought's proud designer), coreographer, and good listener.

Alright so it is a common notion that pajamas are the end all be all of clothing, meaning every person dreams of being in their pajamas all day at home LOUNGING. I used to dream of being in my comfortable pajamas, warm and cozy, in fact every store I stop by I usually take a peek in the loungewear department to see if there is something new to add to my collection.

BUT PEOPLE, let me tell you, for the past month I have been living out this fantasy, I HAVE BEEN in my pJs at home with not a care in the world and it is OVER RATED. 

I miss being able to pick out outfits with the intention of going somewhere. After all, I did spend money on all those clothes which are now neatly tucked away in suit cases without intentions of seeing the light of DAY!  The more important point is, I feel so unproductive in my pajamas, I love them but they are meant for night time (sleeping) or those rare one day off lounging and watching chick flicks with the roomies...NOT for a permanent basis.

So to resolve this issue I am going to start wearing clothes (other then pjs or loungewear) every day, even if I have no intention of leaving the house. This will help me get that resume done because I feel motivated!

Any Suggestions?

Happy Thinking


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

White picket fence. Doggy door. Personalized game room. His and Her bathroom. Winding staircase. Extravagant chandelier. Bright red accent wall. Home theater. State of the art swimming pool. That one essential centerpiece of our dream homes.

My centerpiece? A library. Not just some random collection of books, but of books I want to read, already read and in the process of reading. A bedazzling treasure tucked away in my home. A secret getaway.

My library with its rolling ladders, ambient lighting, plush carpeting, sheer, white curtains, surround-sound system, cushioned window-seats, suede sofas, ottomans and chaises, ample amount of pillows, mini-refrigerator, vintage world map spanned across the accent wall, one intercom speaker by the door and a stash of snuggies and blankets. My one, essential centerpiece.

Full of fictionary tales of cowboys, romance, murder, aliens, scientists, warlords, princes, underdogs, humor, love and hate. Heart-provoking inspirations and thought-provoking revelations. Recipes. Magazines. Series. Instructionals. Reference. Photographic showcases. Kindle.

My library, the portal. My books, the tele-transporters.

Unfortunately, a few bad habits have to be dealt with before earning this prestigious librarian status. Lending out books and never asking for their return. Stacking books next to the pillow for easy-access. Using toilet paper for bookmarks. Judging books by covers. All marks, yet to be erased.

Until then, I can only call my 'library' a stash, divided amongst two homes. Let's just say, a rolling ladder is far from needed at the moment.

This Post was By: Marily Jacob a designer

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Alright so I love Libraries...not the kind that you check out books but personal libraries, that place  in your house where you store the great love stories, the mythic adventures, the poems and rhymes that shaped you into who you are today! I am very proud of my library and would like to share it with you!  I also would like to invite help...if you have a library and would like to post a guest blog with a story about your library and what you are currently reading, PLEASE EMAIL ME! Add photos and let us know who you are!



There was a linen closet....

Just a Plain Linen Closet

I love looking at the books on my shelves and adding to the collection!

CURRENTLY READING: Anna Karenina by: Leo Tolstoy