Friday, February 26, 2010

Ten Things I love about College Campuses:
-Free Speech outlet
-People’s unique fashion sense and perspective
-Coffee shops Galore
-Intellectual discussions all around (one place people are talking about the bible and drawing a closer relationship to GOD…and two feet away someone else is reading up on women’s rights behind her a girl sits twirling her hair sipping coffee and writing an essay for class)-there are few other places where I feel like I am surrounded by groups of highly educated people all around!
-The art- if you have ever visited a large college campus pay attention what is decorating the walls, it’s always quite aw inspiring
-Random statues- usually the statues are a signature of the college but they are always memorable
-Atmosphere- I LOVE THE atmosphere of college campuses, the real world is much more stress induced, yet college campuses although the paradigm of stress somehow always manage to portray a surreal relaxed environment. None of that uptightness here
-FOOD- near big campuses there are always some CAMPUS favorites (I LOVE FOOD)
-Newspapers-Campus Newspapers are actually quite fun to read! (Reminds me of the old days)
-Buildings- I loveeee walking from building to building on campuses-especially the older more classic buildings-I am a HUGE fan of vintage architecture!

SO I am giving in and seeing what all that HYPE is about:


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UP (2009)-One of the cutest movies EVER

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rationalizing-The quickest way for a relapse into sin

Today's Sunday Message came from the book of James Chapter 1. It dealt with the temptations that christians deal with and the winding path that rationalizations lead to. It was a message that spoke to me. How easy and how fast to do we rationalize the things we do. We have that moment in which we think "Just once" ahh it couldnt hurt. Little do we know that the small rationalizations we make for allowing temptations to enter into our lives leads to the eventual entry of sin who is always lurking just around the corner. Its so sad but so true how many times we are willing to give up the cross for a momentary lapse of pleasure (which approximately last for about twenty minutes if not less). Its not just about the actual sin itself because its obvious when you are caught up in sin, its about the small things that you convince yourself is okay before you get there. No one walks into a dark room labeled sin willingly instead its the room right next to sin that attracts us with its bright lights and shiny labels. The promise of something pleasing. Its okay that its next to sin because you the DEVOUT christian that you are would never even be tempted to be associated with that room. NEWS FLASH: you are weak and feeble and the only reason you have been sin free for this long is because of the GRACE of GOD. We as christians have to be able to fight the temptations that the devil lays before us. We have to be able to be victorious. I can honestly say that there are several test that have been put in my life that I have failed miserably, and the sad thing is that some I have failed more then once. I would like for once to be able to say that I victoriously passed a test that has placed before me and make God proud. I think we as christians need to take a more active look into our lives and re-evaluate some of the rationalizations we have made. If you are having to convince yourself to justify the act, chances are you probably shouldn't be doing it.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Its this seasons color!

i dont know if any of you have had the chance to hit any of the stores or look up some of the latest fashion mags. If you haven't here is the 411. This season its all about CORAL. The color seems to be everywhere. I have to tell you that I am absolutely in LOVE with it.

Here are a few examples:
(From: The Limited) (I LOOOOOVE this shirt..umm too bad its 50$ alas sales are bound to happen)

(OPI CONGA collection: California Coral)

(MAC LIPSTICK: hue coral)

Let me know what your favorite coral pics for the season are!

To Read more about it visit:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

In case you cant read backwards says "CREATE PEACE FOR YOURSELF"

Thats ALL


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

These are a few songs that I have been listening to on repeat:
(I hope you enjoy or find some inspiration)


-Just Say Yes: SNOW PATROL

-Break Even: THE SCRIPT



Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Actually this is the last book I read:

Here is where you can get it: =)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Today is February the 14th. Today is ALSO valentines day. Since today was sunday I thought I would share a little bit of the message that I received from church:

Today's Message was titled: LOVE IS NOT A FEELING its a COMMITMENT

For GOD so LOVED the WORLD that he gave his only SON-John 3:16

1. A commitment to love will direct your DECISIONS
-It takes the love of God to get back on tack with the decisions you have made
-When making decisions ask yourself the following questions
  • Will the decisions be a blessing?
  • Will the decision BUILD UP or TEAR DOWN?
  • Will this decision be a stumbling block to others or will it bring others to christ?
-you can never go wrong when you choose LOVE

2. A commitment to love will direct you in your SPEECH
Ephesians 4:29- "Do not let unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building up others"
-Things to remember when speaking: Is it GRACIOUS, is it TIMELY, is it HELPFUL.
-Our relationships will change when our speech changes
-Be able to control the things you say-your words can bring life or death to someone.
-Out of the abundance of your heart your mouth speaks-whatever is in your heart is what your words reflect (words are important-dont let them reflect poorly on whats in your heart)

3. A commitment to love will be displayed in your GIVING
John 15:12,13-"My command is this, LOVE each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one then this, that he lay down his life for his friends..."
-Stop being consumers of LOVE but rather be GIVERS of love
-Give your spirit unto GOD.

REFLECTION: LOVE is a choice, its a commitment that you make every day. ITs not just a feeling that fluctuates with time and space. In order to be able to fulfill the commitment of love successfully you must first be well rooted in the LOVE of GOD. HE LOVES YOU more then you will ever know.



Friday, February 12, 2010

So for the past couple of days I have been slowly renovating my blog. (NOT BY MYSELF) I had loads and loads of help. THANKS A. your help is very much appreciated. Although its not completely finished, I like the new header. Let me know what you guys think. I am not quite sure what to do about the body. IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS you should tell me.

Thanks a bunch
Pseudo 131

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Self Care Professor: Growing up I hated english and reading but I loved the sciences and maths because there is always a right answer

Me (in my head): Growing up I loved the english's and writings and readings because there is never a wrong answer

Thursday, February 4, 2010

This is a post over things I absolutely loved in January. Things that made me happy and made life a little easier.

1. Aussie Styling Mousse- Okay so normally i dont know what to do with my hair when i dont straighten it but lately i think i am on the verge of figuring something out and this mousse maybe the key. Here is where you can get some: TARGET (of course)

2. Revelon Lipstick: Normally I am not a huge fan of lipstick but lately i am trying to be bold or something so I bought this bright color just to be crazy. Revlon

3. I am looooving oversized sweaters this season. NOT only are they comfortable and cozy they are something that everyone can pull off! I found one at OLDNAVY.COM

4. As several previous post have indicated i am a tea drinker. Normally I spent about ten bucks for a tin of tea but I HAVE FOUND A NEW LOVE. This wild berry bavarian tea is sweat and calming. I got mine at WALMART for only 2.00$

5. The all encompassing scarf. I got my scarf from a friend of mine when she went to india. Ever since i have absolutely loved it (all this isnt a new love) i just thought i would share.

6. So i started taking pictures with my film camera as seen in my profile pic. I am still getting the hang of it but in honor of that i put a picture of KODAK film which is what i am currently using. (hopefully if all goes well i can post some pics up)

7. Alright so my roommate got me into to this children's series called "percy Jackson and the olympians". I actually like it and am currently on the second book. Apparently they are making a movie on the series.

8. THIS NEXT ONE I LOVEEE. I love NIVEA lip gloss with a passion. I used to be a carmax girl but this stuff beats it. WHERE CAN YOU GET IT? well okay so its on the shelves where you are checking out...the place where they keep those chapsticks....(you know where they keep the blistex) YOU SHOULD PURCHASE THIS.

9. Last but not least A set of colorful highlighters make everyone happy. (I got a HUUUGE pack at Target for 9 dollars). IT makes note taking much more fun and interesting.

(SO GUYS what are your favorites this month???) LET ME KNOW!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

UH-OH i am not getting into trouble again by not waking up when the alarm rings. So I spent all yesterday taking a "ME DAY". During this time I thought about my blog and some upgrades that I wanted to add. I will somehow (although I am absolutely hating HTML code) learn how to change my blogs template. I also took some photos on IPHOTO *as seen on previous post. Many of you have had some LOVELY (not really) comments on the ugliness of these photos. HOWEVER I did state that this was just an experiment on temperature and tint. Everyone has to start somewhere. I make no regrets for my photography (or lack there of) skills. Someone once told me that its the smallest steps that lead to bigger things. I am going to take them up on that =).

Monday, February 1, 2010

Just messing around with IPHOTO.