Thursday, May 14, 2015

Life Update

Its been a minute, actually its been a few months- and I just wanted to fill whoever is still reading or watching my blogs in on what is happening in my life.

In may of 2014 I completed a lifelong dream and graduated Pharmacy school! Thanks for all of those readers who were present through the bumpy ride.

June of 2014- I started a residency (part of my dream)-Little did I know what I was signing up for. The hospital residency which I partook in was not the right for me and the ride was extremely rough.

September of 2014- Best friends wedding- MOH.

October of 2014- my good friend and roomie got married, I GOT ENGAGED and had an official engagement ceremony =),

November 2014- I resigned from my residency =(

December-March (2015)- Planned my wedding

March 7th 2015- The big day- I got married =)

Moved to Houston, and here I am =)